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Inquiry Form Submission


I’m working on a contact form for a client and they’d like for the submission to drop into a CRM called EMaximation. They provided this address:

I updated the form submission info with this address plus post. Share link here>

I published the page and every time I fill in the information and select submit, it opens up the mail app on my mac. Can someone please assist with this?


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@mdominguez07 -Not A Bug - I changed the topic category to Publishing Help - > Project settings.

mailto:user@someaddress** tells the local machine to load the default mail program. The address used for notifications in settings should be just an email address.

Please review this University Article.

Thanks for correcting the category. I’m not sure the article explains my questions unless if i’m missing something. I’d like the inquiry form info to linked with the following address but Webflow is giving it a http:// after publishing:

This is the email address.

Remove the action you added to the form. Webflow will process the form then with no issue.


The email you want to receive notifications to, is added to the project settings.

I guess I’m not explaining this correcly - my apologies. If you take a look at the form, all of that information has to go into a third party CRM system. I’m not asking about where the notification needs to be send to. In you visit the site. and you fill out the form it gets hung and it comes up with some error like the attached.

Does that make sense?


So you want to post the data to a third party URL?

  1. Check that they support remote posting.
  2. Provide that URL provided by the third party as the action and set method post.
  3. Make sure your input field names match the third party form.

If rejected, contact the server admin that manages the remote form.

Thanks. Is it normal for the form to be hung for a while and this is presents you with a different error page from the third party CRM? Also, is there a way to connect this one form to a variety of third party CRM systems?

Thanks again for the help!

This is what I’m being told by the third party company: you have to code the form to send an email reply to the client email and a copy to this address:

Any ideas on how to set this up?


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