Input-fields? How do you change text color

Input-fields - how do you change text color? The fields aren’t in a form. I suppose they were custom made. I didn’t create and am trying to figure it out. Want it to be a lighter color grey.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Hi Chris! For styling the placeholder text of a text input, this is built right into the Webflow designer. Select the field, then on the right-hand side, click the little down arrow next to ‘input-field’ and choose Placeholder. You’ll be able to style the placeholder text just like normal now. Hope this helps!


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Sweet! Ahh “placeholder” makes perfect sense. Thanks!!

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No problem, happy to help! If you don’t mind, can you click the Solution button in my previous post, so that if others stumble upon this thread, they can get to the answer quickly? Thanks!

Will do when I get back to my desk.

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