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Inherit font size height from global body all pages not working

Is it just me or is this happening for others?
I try to use global class names for everything and I set a height on the body all pages for the font as 1.25

I then set my All H1 Heading like so

which give me this
but if I override the 1.25 with 1.25 I get this

What am I doing wrong or have I found a documented issue with browsers etc?

hi @iDATUS on my site all works as expected on text or paragraph element.

  1. select body element
  2. set global font size and line height

Hello @Stan,
Yes I thought adding a class to the body element would work just curious why it seems not to for the body all pages.
I pop a support a question and to see if they know and as you say revert to adding a class to body.
Just trying to me lean on the CSS.

hi @iDATUS I do not see any problems at all here is a short video to make sure we are talking about same thing

@Stan you are right it works for paragraphs etc but does not work for headings.
as you were so kind to do a video I have done one as well.
If the video looks poor, just drag the slider back to the start of the video playback.
Just to show at the end 5 em was on heading but not applied

hi @iDATUS there are some thing that I try to explain but my brain is after busy day death :ghost: so I may jump from fom one thing to other as I didn feel to create list of topic to talk about but here we go …

hope that will clear some things out.

Hi @iDATUS do you need some more clarification on this issue request?

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@stan working flat out on a project, I saw that you done a great video and stopped it just after you started talking CSS.
Not because I don’t know CSS but wanted to concentrate on your video and take notes.
Your video is on my Sunday pleasure viewing watch list.
I will update the case with my thoughts.
Thanks again for your time as I know its valuable and not given lightly.

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@stan, very interesting. Given me some good thought.
Interesting about default browsers CSS, we all kind of know its there but because we style everything it gets put back in our minds.
Yes the headings treated outside the body makes sense and agree.
No need for more help I understood your explanation. The inherit code bit was fun.

So in essence Webflow designer is in error for reporting All H1 headings is inheriting the sizes from Body All pages. That was what was throwing me and yes I have changed the All H1 headings to have the height etc I require.

I wanted to make sure other things were inheriting correctly and you have confirmed this is the case.

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