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Ingest a Website into Webflow - Edit Responsive Breakpoints

I am a UX designer at a rather large agency and have been asked to provide layout adjustments for the automotive sites Mobile Landscape breakpoint. They site renders on mobile portrait and tablet portrat but not mobile landscape.

My question to the forum, is there a way to somehow “ingest” or copy pages that a live website and pull in the HTML and CSS into webflow so that I may use the platform’s ability to easily adjust the mobile landscape breakpoints. Then hand this off to the developers.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I’m not sure if this is what your asking, but unfortunately you can’t import code to be edited within Webflow—everything you work on in the platform either needs to be copied from another Webflow project or created from scratch.

There are other options out there that are more flexible in this area like CoffeeCup’s HTML Editor that may be more up your alley.

That is what I was thinking. The only real way would be to create these pages inside of Webflow and adjust from there. I will check out CoffeeCups editor though thank you.