Individual Publish CMS items not working?


I suddenly cannot click “publish” from my CMS items. I used to have the ability to publish directly from the individual CMS item, but it just stopped working? Can someone help me figure this out?

Here is the read-only link to my site:

Hi @wethebirds

Thanks for posting.

In some cases, publishing individual items would break your site. In these instances, we prevent you from being able to push single item updates. These instances include:

  • Your site hasn’t been published
  • The structure of the Collection for that item (or a referenced item) has changed
  • You have multiple domains published at different times
  • The item’s references create circular dependencies (for example, a blog post has an author, the author has a client, and the client has a blog post)

In each of these situations, the fix would be to publish your entire site (to all domains) to make sure everything’s in sync.

I hope this helps and let me know if you have other questions.

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