"Publish" not an option


Whenever I make changes to current blog posts, I don’t see to have the option to publish those changes. Options to “Publish,” “Unpublish,” or “Schedule” are greyed out, with the only option to save as a draft. How can I make these changes go live??

(Yes, I feel stupid.)


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I’m having the same issue suddenly. Never had a problem before today. Did you end up solving this issue?

There are a handful of situations where single-item publishing is unavailable:

In some cases, publishing individual items would break your site. In these instances, we prevent you from being able to push single item updates. These instances include:

  • Your site hasn’t been published
  • The structure of the Collection for that item (or a referenced item) has changed
  • You have multiple domains published at different times
  • The item’s references create circular dependencies (for example, a blog post has an author, the author has a client, and the client has a blog post)

In any of the above situations, a full site publish is needed to publish the individual CMS item.