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Increasing image size

I’m trying to make the image here larger… but is not working. Help would be appreciated!

Here’s the link:

You can drag the little box in the lower right corner to change the size or put a manual pixel size width in the style pane. Keep in mind that is actually how large your source image is so it will be pixelated if you make it any larger.

Hm I don’t think I’m limited by image size b/c I tried a bigger image and I had the same problem… btw i can’t make it any larger than it is at all (no pixelation, can’t adjust size at all)

Hi @roarsandmeows

It looks like it’s constrained by the column settings you have.

  • Go into Column 1 (which contains this - image 3)
  • Then go into settings and move the slider which currently has 6/6 to something like 7/5

You should see the image grow as the column has been allocated more room.

Hope that fixes it, please tick the ‘solution’ button if so!


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