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Increase HTML embed character limit

Hi Webflow team,

I’m overall very happy with Webflow and how it functions. Great job!

There is one major drawback that I keep encountering, and it seems like a very simple problem to fix. Could you pretty pretty please increase the character limit on the HTML embeds?? 5000 characters is barely enough for even simple .svg files I regularly use; don’t even get me started on complex jQuery functions.

I know this is a wall many people keep hitting. What is the status on fixing this? Are there any plans to increase this limit?

Thank you so much!


Hi @TheBeev

I believe hosting the code on sites such as works great. Once it’s hosted there you’ll need to put a link to that github code on the html embed.

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Thank you for the response @DharmaNode. This may sound a bit elementary, but how exactly do I link to that external file? Is it the same process for css files?

Thanks for your help

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I appreciate the link to the Github hosting. Very helpful!

However, this seems to work only for hosting .js and .css files. What about .svg? My problem is I don’t want to use .svg on my site as an inline image because I need to do some selective styling on it. That is why I’m trying to embed it as ‘svg’ or even ‘object’. I can’t though because of the 5000 character limit.

How do we bypass this character limit in order to embed .svg files??


I’m bumping this because it is still an unresolved issue.

To me, this seems to be a major limitation for Webflow. The inability to embed .svg files because of this 5000 character limit is quite disconcerting…