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Increase Character Limit for Embed Widget

Hi all Webflow user.

I try to copy inside the Embed Tag code of a SVG file and I can see that I can’t copy the whole code.
This is truncated and so I can’t play my SVG.

Is there any bug ?

Do you limit the tag ?

Best regards.


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@Stefan_fr, thanks for post. There is a 20k character limit to the embed code. It should be used for short snippets, some custom code etc, but you cannot paste more than 20k characters (at the moment). I hope that helps, cheers, Dave :wink:


Hope you’ll increase the number.


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Hi @Stefan_fr, thanks for your update. I can completely understand. I have added this to the wish list :slight_smile: Cheers :slight_smile:

I second this request! Please do not set a limit on the Footer and Header on each page as well. Is there a reason behind the character limit on the Footer and Header?

The current limit is 5k and it is limited my svg embeds. I dont know much about coding or coding it in js, i may not even have time to properly learn it. Please can the 5k limit be removed?


Yes, please increase or lift the limit completely!!!

When we first started out website this limit did not exist. We are using it to place various customer forms, which send data off to our ZOHO CRM account. The old embedded forms are still working, but I can not edit anything as I get the 5K error message…


At least change it back to 20k.

I second this as well.

Another vote to do this ASAP

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Is the 20k limit back?

I definitely support this. I use Shopify Buy buttons which now don’t work - a real PITA (pain in the ***)


I am in the process of building multiple ecommerce sites for various clients, all of which require the shopify buy button. Because of the 5000 embed code limit I am now unable to embed the buttons on any of the sites. The character limit is an extremely frustrating constraint.

Here’s the quick code that still works for now:

data-shop="[ Shopify Domain as Shown in Admin ( ]"
data-product_name="[Product Title]"
data-product_handle="[Shopify Product Handle]"
data-buy_button_text="Add to Cart"
data-buy_button_out_of_stock_text="Out of Stock"
data-button_background_color="[ Hex Code without # Pre Cursor (ie. ffffff) ]"
data-button_text_color="[ Hex Code without # Pre Cursor (ie. ffffff) ]"
data-product_title_color="[ Hex Code without # Pre Cursor (ie. ffffff) ]"
data-next_page_button_text="Next page"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
document.getElementById('ShopifyEmbedScript') || document.write('<script type="text/javascript" src="" id="ShopifyEmbedScript"><\/script>');
<a href="https://[yourdomain][ Product ID # ]:1" target="_blank">
Buy [ Product Title]</a>

You can also use Webflow CMS to insert the variables like Product Titles, Product IDs and Plain Text inputs for colors.


have you tested this? if so, can i see a read-only link or published link?

see source code:

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oh my! SO MUCH CLEANER! :slight_smile:

did you make this code yourself? or is this something Shopify has given you?

This was the code for the buy button before the most recent update. The most recent update was meant to allow users to customize the buy button and its functions more efficiently, providing users with a super basic version of the shopify Buy Button Java SDK (the building blocks). But the old Buy Button code still works and still access the API, they just essentially changed the output code for the buy button to the full Java SDK code.

So by using the old code you can integrate it with webflow’s CMS to create dynamic product pages. You essentially still have to build out the CMS products collection with title, images, descriptions and prices, but it allows you to plug in just the buy button and essentially use Webflow to build out your buy button SDK.

Here’s an example of the input fields that I used in the buy button:

Screen Capture

Hey @ADPdesign thank you for this code !
was looking at your site , looks nice :slight_smile:
Make sure your images are compressed. I tried and it seems not, so the article’s thumnails on your site take too much time to load.
Take all your images, go to and compress everything :slight_smile: Your site will be much more faster.

And here is an example of the CMS Setup:

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