Incorrect Font Displays In Drop Down Menu Nav Bar

I am designing a wedding website and have set a custom font for the nav bar. In full desktop width, the font formatting is correct: Futura Light is the font and full capitalization is set. However, in tablet sizes and below, when it turns into a drop down menu, the font does not show up in the drop down menu.
Not only does the font revert to something different, but it also loses its capitalization formatting. I have made sure to have the correct font and capitalization chosen for each page dimension in the designer, and the preview looks correct when I show the drop down in designer, but it does not show up when publishing.

Please help!

Here is my site:

Can you share your read-only share link so people on the forum can take a look at what may be causing the issue?

Never mind I figured it out - I had a different font style applied to an outer wrapper - thanks