Inconsistent Video Playback of Background Video?

I have 4 videos (background video element) that are set to autoplay, no sound.

The issue is that not all of them play. It is inconsistent, sometimes 2 will play, 2 won’t. Sometimes 1 will paly, 3 won’t. And it is always random which ones play or not so I can’t pinpoint the issue.

The section is called Extracurricular Activities.

On desktop it works great. Please visit on mobile, as it uses another element because of layout (the video elements are copies of the desktop ones):

I can replicate the behavior on my phone (s22 Ultra) and on Chrome DevTools when using a device emulator.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Leangap

I appreciate the help as this has been rather frustrating.

Thank you!