Include search results from another website?

Hi! My client’s clients had their main website built in Shopify. I am about to develop a landing page for them in Webflow, that will later be hosted on some subdomain

Provided design for that landing includes a search bar, but it seems like the engine will only scan that landing page. Is there a way to include results from the main website? They also have a bunch of other pages on subdomains, which need to be included in the search as well

Haven’t started the build yet, need to determine if there would be any use for that search bar on my landing, or it will basically be decorative…

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You should investigate the Shopify API to see what your options are. Without a server, you can only run client side JS on Webflow.

You could use Algolia to search the main site and all subdomains. The free version is very generous.