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Include form values in redirect url

I have a form I’m using to collect an email address. When the user submits it, I’d like the standard webflow action to capture the form, and to include the form data as query params in the redirect url. (Basically so I can capture the email at the top of the funnel, and use the email on the re-direct page.

Is there a way to include the form data on the redirect url when using the standard webflow form action?

Hi @dan1

I was working on something like this a few months ago and I just to give you an idea you’ll need some custom code to do this. I don’t know what exactly you’re trying here but with just Webflow elements can’t be done.

Hi there, there a hundreds of product pages with the same form for asking to info about the product. Ik would like to include the name of the product (cms database value) in my form so that my client knows which product is concerns. Hope you can help me.