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Inactive Site, please HELP!


I have created one site on my FREE Webflow account, and it was working just fine until maybe 3 hours ago.

When i came back it said that it was inactive and It also says I need to upgrade to a paid account to be able to open it.

This is my first time using webflow and i was making huge progress and it’s really frustrating, is it lost forever or it can go back to active so i can keep working on it?

:frowning: PLEASE HELP

Hi @luis_kaladze this is a bug we’re working on right now. Try it now and let me know if it’s working for you.

@thesergie Thanks for your awesomely quick response, just checked, mine is still inactive :frowning:

Sorry about that @luis_kaladze. We’re pushing another fix and this should fix your problem. Check again in about 5 minutes.

Still inactive, yet now allows me to click on it to view it. Then a notification pops up that says it is in preview mode and that no changes will be saved.

Just checked again. Now it shows as published, I can access it and can also save changes. Appears to be fixed. Thank you very much.

@acedgar4, we just fixed these issues. An explanation here: INACTIVE Site - please help 2

We’re really sorry about that and we’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again!

@thesergie FIXED! is not published (as i had it before) thanks! everything appears to be working just fine! :slight_smile: