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Publish code is broken

Hi all,

URGENT problem here, if anyone can help. I am developing this site which has been previewing and publishing perfectly:

However, all of a sudden, despite being able to Preview the site just fine within the Designer, the Published code is entirely broken.

Here’s the shared link so you can test preview it inside Webflow also and see it works.

EDIT: I restored to a previous version, which worked fine — then I re-restored to the “broken” version, which now published fine…

Were there any sudden updates or script changes which might have knocked some things out of whack, or anyone else had such a glitch suddenly?


Hi @energidesign just to double check, did re-publishing your site resolve the issue? There was an update earlier which may have caused a slight service interruption impacting publishing behavior for interactions on published sites but it looks to be resolved from what we’re seeing on this end.

You should be able to restore to your most recent site version and publish the site without any issue interaction losses. :bowing_man:

Thanks in advance, waiting upon your confirmation!

Hey Waldo, thanks for getting back to me. Yep. the restore worked fine, and I have continued from there. I did wonder if it was an update/maintenance which caused a blip in overall sync.

Loving Webflow as always, thanks so much!


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