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Free account site marked "inactive"

Says I need to upgrade… this a bug?

Having the same issue here. Logged out and logged back in and the site is listed as inactive and says I need to upgrade my account. I have only used 1 of the “free” sites. Why are we no longer able to access NOR delete the site?? How can we get back into it? Why is it now magically listed as inactive???

Having the same issue as the guys above. One website, on free account, and cant edit it. Marked as inactive and gives error message “This site is not available to edit. Upgrade your plan in order to access roadside mayday”

Seems to be system-wide today. Fix please Webflow

I have the same issue, i have a free account and i was working on a site this morning, came back from lunch and now is inactive, is this gonna get fixed?

Sorry guys we’re working on this!

Sounds good. Thanks for the quick reply Sergie.

@Paul, @acedgar4, @danieledgood, @Devin1, @luis_kaladze try it now and let me know if it’s fixed for you. Sorry for any frustration this has caused!

Fixed! Thanks again Sergie.

@thesergie Well, it seems its a huge bug, we’ll just have to be patient then, mine is still inactive, thanks for the responses

working for me again sergie, thanks!

Works again. Thank you for the quick fix!

4th of 5th thread about that bug. Try to read forum more carefuly, okay? @thesergie could you move those 4-5 threads into one? By the way, is there any way of helping you guys moderate forum and/or help with Webflow development? Like some jQuery? :wink: I’m getting really into jQ lately ;D

I’ll let you know bartek. I looked around and sadly there is no way to merge threads into one :frowning: