In Table button trigger a function "first come first serve" for row and send it back to database

Hi folks,
I am new to Webflow and would like to create a table whose content I pull from a database like Pipedrive or something similar e.g. database Zapier (open for any ideas here). Behind each row should be a button, where then a pop up opens and a name can be entered with a phone number. After the user has entered his data, the data should be saved in the database/Pipedrive and the row should no longer be displayed, as according to the “first come first serve” principle. It should be all automatically.

Does anyone here have ideas on how I can set this up most easily. I am aware that I need to use javascript for this. Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Sebastian_Kuhn

You’re going to likely need the Webflow API for this. Many solutions for things like this rely on a Webflow/Zapier/Airtable tech stack. Connor Finlayson has plenty of YouTube content on this.

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+1 to @Smith-Cordell’s response that this will likely require some additional tooling.

One option might be to create a form in Webflow where users can submit their phone numbers. You can send those form submissions to your database (eg. Airtable) and then sync them back into the Webflow CMS for display (if necessary).

This all should become much easier once we (Whalesync) launch our Pipedrive integration. In the meantime, I wrote a blog post on how to do the above with Webflow/Airtable: How to (Instantly) Send Webflow Form Submissions to the CMS