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Why links to sections of the page don't work?


I’ve encountered a problem.

I don’t understand why links from the menu on the left don’t work… I’ve assigned an ID to H1’s (and have tried to created Sections, Divs with assigned IDs) but it’s not going to the section of the page.

Could it be because of the structure (flex layout side by side)?

I’ll be happy if somebody will be able to help :blush:

Here’s a link:


I don’t think you can do that the way you have it set up. I’d suggest making the left index a fixed div with 100%vh at 30% width so it floats there and then make the rest of the page regular scroll instead of overflow:scroll. Then set your content wrapper to 70%. Link to anchor links don’t respond to overflow scroll, only on the page itself.

Thanks a lot my friend :smile:

I will try!

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