Apply code (CSS, JavaScript) from Github to Webflow project

Hey guys,

I’ve found a really nice effect I’d like to apply to one of my websites in a demo (demo1) here: Image Trail Effects | Demo 1 | Codrops

They’ve shared the mouse interaction on codrops: Image Trail Effects | Codrops

Here’s the link to GitHub: GitHub - codrops/ImageTrailEffects: A set of effects for mouse-following image trails that show a random series of images.

Can anyone help me out and explain how I can apply this (any which part(s) of the codes) / how I have to set up my page in Webflow to make this work (elements, classes, etc.).
I’ve never used custom code in Webflow so far, and I’m trying to understand how to play around with some of these cool effects :smiling_face:


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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hi @mia.99 Tympanus are pros and have always excellent demos pushing possibilities on the edge and as you do not have coding experience you should start with something more simpler to get familiar with applying custom code and there is many sources about this topic or hire a developer to do that for you.

This demo uses (as you can read in description) two libraries to make it work .

  1. GSAP TweenMax
  2. imagesLoaded

you can read their documentations as both docs contain links to demos.

good luck