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How to insert custom code to animate SVG

Hello there,

Im new into this and wonder if anyone can help how to insert this cool SVG. file into menubar for tablets and phones. Here is the link
Have a look at the demo.

I appreciate if anyone can give me any hint :smiley:


Watch the video tutorials at You will learn everything you need to build a site in webflow. Good luck!

Hey Daniel
I was just wondering about the animated SVG too. Any further tips you may have got?
Thanks Gareth

Codrops is an isanely good site and I always want to reproduce everything in Webflow… but it’s hard most of the time.

Here’s the structure of what you download from cd:

It’s a lot to replicate in webflow, js to point at, css to understand and replicate etc… It may be super easy for poeple like @bartekkustra (who whispers at the ears of javascript) but for me, I almost don’t try. i take tympanus like an inspiration website now only (: