Improvements for the Forms Widget

One of the most welcomed features of HTML5 is the fact that form elements no longer have to necessary be in form tags. Please when would a complete range of form widgets and a form elements outside form tags be implemented.

Shift drag any form element to place them outside of a form widget.

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Nice One Vincent. Thanks. Most appreciated.

Hi Vincent I tried this but it didn’t work. WF keeps throwing the error notification " form element can only be moved into a form block"

Because I always mixe up shift and alt (: Alt drag it in the design view and it should work… makes sense as it’s an ALTernative way to put an element in (:

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It will be very helpfull if “text area fields” could be rich text field so that once we get an email from the contact form, that text area will respect the writing format of the user, meaning that will respect paragraphs and line breaks. I hope we can see this in the very near future.