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How to move form elements


Maybe this is something fairly easy and i am missing the knowledge. I have some form elements inside a flexbox and I noticed that I need another box to add at the very top of the tree. When I add this box and try to move the flexbox which contains these form elements inside that, it says “form elements can only be moved inside of a form block”. The thing is I am using these elements standalone, I do not need a form block and I just want another container to be added. Is there no way to move these?

Thank you

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If you press ALT while dragging a form element you can ut it where you want. But i’m not sure what you mean when you say “I don’t need a form block”. There’s a ton of solutions for your issue but you’d need to share your site’s read only link and explain exactly what you want to move and add.

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for replying! I can not share the read only of the site due to copyrighted material inside right now but I quickly made a very bad mockup of what I encounter to share.

Basically what I need is a way to move the “column container” into the “new container”.

What I meant by I do not need a form container is that we have a website that works client side completely so we only have the need of getting inputs without all the clatter of a form block with error and success messages etc.

I hope this illustrates my problem a little better and thank you for helping!

  1. Move the text field somewhere else
  2. move the col cont into new cont
  3. move back the text field where you want it to be

I know… it’s a workaround. Webflow tries to prevent you to get in a situation that will make your forms break.

Oh damn, I knew there was a workaround that would be painful. In original site there is more than 20 input fields scattered but it is better than nothing for sure!

Thank you for your help!