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Input outside of Forms / Other idea?

Hopefully you all can help me with this.

How would I get an input field without being inside of a form?

Really it does not matter if its in the form but when I hit submit I want to call a parse function to verify login, etc. I do not want it to say ‘form submission successful’. If I could get the inputs outside of a form it would work.

Hi @vscribner, if you press and hold the ALT key, then at same time, click and drag out a form field such as an input field on to your canvas, and the field will be added, even though you are not using a form block widget on the page.

I hope that helps, let us know if you have any issue. Cheers!


Thanks for your help! It works

Wow, wish I knew that before! Really nice :slight_smile: Where can I find these kind of information?

Hi @FvG, this is an undocumented feature, because if this is widely used, some people who use this, will wonder why their standard forms are not working :slight_smile: This is a good example of why using the forum is a really good idea :smile: This is more of an unsupported feature that is subject to change without notice. Cheers ! Dave