Ecommerce with automatic invoice creation


I’m from Europe and therefore I need to generate invoices for every sale made for my bookkeeping as well as automatically send it to the customer.
The version to implement it with Shopify is nice but the version where I manage the Shopify Store in Webflow (Smootify) is just insanely expensive when just starting out (Webflow Workspace + Webflow CMS Hosting + Shopify + Smootify costs) and the one where I can build my own Shopify template with Webflow (Udesly) is really complicated from my pov.

Does anyone have found a solution so I could simply use Webflow’s inbuild ecommerce system or do you have any other ideas?

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Webflow provides some order functionality in the API you could use build out what you are looking for. You need to code a solution on a separate host or use a glue app like Make or Zapier to do the heavy listing for you. You would also need to investigate how to comply with GDPR regulations.