Importing Podcast RSS enclosures

Greetings all,

First post on the forum as I’m building my first Webflow site (perhaps too ambitiously).

I have about 17 years worth of podcasts I’ve created since 2005. Several different series. I’m moving over from WordPress and have attempted to export my WordPress entries (which include the podcast enclosures) to a CSV. When I try to import that into Webflow, it doesn’t recognize the enclosure tag (which contains the podcast MP3 location, duration, and post date).

I’ve also tried converting the original podcast RSS feed to CSV using a few different websites (Convert RSS to CSV Online - was the closest one that almost worked). But the same problem happens. The CSV renders the original RSS enclosure as [object Object], which obviously is useless.

Has anyone successfully imported an existing podcast feed with several hundred entries into Webflow? I really thought this would be a great move but I’ve spent days trying to figure this out and am starting to (sadly) reconsider the move away from WordPress.

Many thanks in advance.

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Byteline RSS trigger does handle the enclosures correctly, so you can use it to import data from the RSS feed to Webflow CMS.

All you need is a Byteline flow with RSS Trigger to Webflow - Update Item node.

Few things to keep in mind:

  • You should check “Use All RSS Items” on the RSS Trigger to get all the data. Then, once the data export is complete, uncheck it to bring only the new items from the RSS feed or pause the flow.
  • Also, uncheck Advanced → “Run a separate flow for each record” as you’ll have considerable data to export.

This was a HUGE help. Many thanks!

Question: For some reason, Byteline is only bringing in the last 50 records on the RSS. Any idea why? I have tried importing with both ALL and 1000 records selected and neither worked. I also selected “Overwrite” as it looked like another 50 records were skipped in the process. I’d like to figure this out before I tackle the other shows I need to import.

Again - MANY thanks!

Also, as a follow-up, I tried using a completely different RSS feed and the same thing happened. Only 50 records came through. Very curious.

Thanks for signing up! Byteline has a limit of processing 50 records for the free tier. Upgrade to any of the paid plans removes the limit.