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Importing CSV, can't seem to match the data for the Color Field, or Website field

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to import a big list of records (over 2k) into the CMS and I can’t seem to format the color field correctly - webflow says the data isn’t compatible with the field.

I’ve tried with and without the # (#6fbf53 and 6fbf53) and even caps and non-caps for the letters, but no luck. The source of the data is in Airtable, and I’ve formatted the column to be standard short line text. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here.

Also, same issue with URLs. I’ve formatted them all sorts of ways but just can’t seem to convince Webflow that it is in fact the correct formatting.

Thank you to anyone who can help - I certainly did not think I would get held up during this process!

Hi @EvanD,

This is not a direct how to solve it answer but rather an approach that can assist you in resolving the problem.

Create a record in the CMS populating all fields. Export the CSV. Then try to import it. If that is successful then you know the import test works. You also have a “model” to follow for content. Now you can focus on the rows that remain in your main import file. Make sure there are no content issues. If there is an error in any field in any row the whole import will fail.

Ah, thanks for the help @webdev. The bad news is it looks like it is indeed my fault :sweat_smile:
There must be some bad data in one of these 2k+ records…I got the color inputs to work but not the URL fields yet. Will chip away at it.
Thanks again!

You could try giving PowerImporter’s Webflow CSV Import a try. It will produce a log with all the error messages for each of the 2k records. So, you’ll be able to find all the problematic records. It also validates URL fields.

Oh, and it can also sync Airtable to Webflow for you, since your data is in Airtable anyway. Skip the whole CSV step all together. :grin:

Giving this tool a try and so far so good. Automates what would have been a constant export/import process to keep things updated. Thanks!

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