Can I build a 30,000 profile website with Webflow CMS?

I have wanted to build a directory website for quite a while. I have a bunch of saved information (approximately 30,000 profiles in a spreadsheet - business names, addresses, other info, etc.). I have been hesitant to use Wordpress. I would love to be able to use Webflow. But I don’t know if it can handle that much information. I would also need the directory listings to have paid and non-paid versions. The paid profiles would need to look different than the non-paid profiles. There would need to be the ability to have different “templates” for different profile types. This might just be wishful thinking. But it would be really cool if Webflow can eventually do this.

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Sounds pretty big! We’re confident that the database and API can handle 30,000 items, but not sure about what will happen to the designer with that much data. Performance might suffer but honestly i’m not sure. We’re working on conditional logic so that you can show/hide elements depending on what data exists in the database so it might be possible to have different layouts for the same collection with different data.


Curious if the other point here will be addressed in webflow - the ability to charge $$ for access to pages. Would kill to move my online course to webflow and make it the best looking course in the history of ever, but I don’t see a way to lock down access to course pages with CMS since we can’t export.


Any plans for this @thesergie?

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