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Implementing date picker in ecommerce product

Does anyone have experience in implementing a date picker (like a Jquery UI DatePicker) in a ecommerce product?

I’m trying to figure it out to use it for a webshop, where customers can book a date (chosing from a long range of defined dates) for a bunch of different products (“Experiences”) . The reason why a date dropdown is not meeting the demand is, that there are so many dates for each product - a dropdown would simply offer bad UX.

Thanks in advance for any input!

Hi @larshartmann.
Josh from Foxy here. I was waiting to reply until someone from Webflow did. What you’re after is possible with Foxy + Webflow. We’ve helped multiple Webflow users with this.

Info about our seamless integration with Webflow can be found here: Please feel free to email us your specific needs and we’ll put together a proof of concept for you:


Hi Josh,

So by using Foxy my client can choice for example a pickup date for a product/ service he’s buying?

Thanks in advance

Hi @FilipNee.
Yes. You can add any type of fields/plugins (including date pickers) to your add to cart forms and the Foxy checkout.