Implement a slider with images of different ratios?

Hi there -

Im wanting to be able to put various images of different ratios (16:9 - 1:1 etc) into a slider and have them all butt up against each other. However when I change the width of the slide to AUTO (essentially allowing the size of the image inside to dictate the width) it starts grouping slides as single element - and even removes some of the wee circular slide markers.

If the first image is wider than the width of the slide - it will just shift this similar problem to later images.

I feel webflow must have some built in code that kinda paginates multiple slides - like of you had a grid of 3 visible - it’d just group them to allow you to more quickly move onto see the next 3. And this is whats causing a problem here. Any ideas as to how to disable this?

Anyhow - hopefully this link explains things better.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - WLM