Continuous slider Swiper

Hello all!

I built this one pager for a project, using an example of Swiper from Tricks. I wanted to use this structure to built a portfolio, which you can see on the Read Only link, and the published staging is here.

In the example of the project I built before, every image is 1x1, so it works fine.
In the portfolio case instead, I would need each slide to adapt their individual width to the content they have inside. There is an example with an horizontal scroll at the bottom, in which each image or video goes one after the other with no spaces in between. But this is not a slider, therefore I can’t use the arrows to navigate it, etc.

My guess is that the “slides-per-view: auto” is taking the size of the biggest and adapting all to that one.

Is there any way I can make each have their own width?

Thank you for any help, I already abandoned this once and now I’m going nuts again…

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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you can try " Centered auto"

also check Codepen if you will find any example

Thank you Stand. I checked but Centered Auto won’t work, because the slides adapt their height to the window. In the example I need, height must be stable and width adapted, to show the full image.

I also checked the catalogue of Codepen but couldn’t find any examples of this.