Images size issue on published project

A simplest of pages as you can see >>
Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 4.56.56 PM
The image shows, (initially) in all sizes in Designer, at proper size.
No size settings applied. None are needed!

Simply putting a 2 px green border on the image turns the view to >>
Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 4.56.27 PM

I notice MANY posts here regarding the same/similar issue. I’ve written some myself.
I’m convinced the cause is WEB BASED SOFTWARE opposed to Locally Installed Software/Apps.
The bits (code) I/We send to Webflow process servers is NOT what we get back for our browsers to show on our screens.
Changing the view size or refreshing the page usually (?) corrects the tiny image size back to it’s intended size.
The issue gets REALLY irritating when a page that shows intended image size in Designer but shows a tiny image when Published and viewed.
I have watched images on my screen in Designer change sizes (jumping between sizes) back and forth and back and forth without me even touching the mouse or keyboard. It’s like the browser is receiving differing code from WF that confuses it.
I’ve read most of the excuses and reasons offered here in the past 3 years. Yet the issue prevails.

Regenerate or disable your responsive images.
In certain situations, Webflow gets confused on how to calculate responsive image sizes and you get strange results.

I have not seen it often enough to suggest a cause, but Webflow support might know. I have a suspicion that it’s related to containers sized in vw units.

It’s a reoccurring issue here. When it happens in Designer it’s an irritation usually corrected by simply changing view back and forth a few times and/or browser page refreshing.
When the Designer looks normal but the published page has a tiny image it’s REALLY IRRITATING.

Yep that would be hugely irritating. Have you let Webflow know?

My team has never seen this bug in 5 years of working with Webflow which is why I’m suspicious of a vw-based calc bug. We rarely use vw. But disabling responsive images is the easiest way to get back to a functional project.

I’m not using vw. I have NO Sizes set.
On a Body element set to Flex V centered/top I dropped a header.
Below the header I dropped a single image and published.
No Tiny images visible anywhere.
I simply added a second image below the first and the published version has tiny images.
I’ve tested dropping images in every possible BOX (containers, divs, grids, columns, v flex, et al) and the tiny images will soon appear (like magic) in Designer and/or the Published product.
In Designer I can sit and watch my computer screen - hand off the mouse/keyboard - switch from normal size to tiny and back to normal.
The issue is not caused by just images.
Others posting here complain about published views not matching designer views.

hi @JimF the best way to get help is to follow the forum post guide that is pinned on top of each section, if you have missed it here they are.

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Geeze! The opinionated negativity of some people . . . :rage:

Do you read EVERY forum post and offer the same unsolicited advice to all posts that are not to your liking?
NO - you don’t❗️

I notice NO help with the issue. Just criticism of the message!

:laughing: Sheesh. You got all the help the community can give you, buddy.
If you couldn’t make it work, then that’s what Webflow’s support team is for.

Sounds like you have issues using Webflow, so maybe check out Framer, or Pinegrow, there are a bunch of other platforms that might be more to your liking.

Best of luck finding what works for you.