Images not showing on mobile

Hi! PLEASE help… So I’m working on a new portfolio site.

On mobile, when you click the projects link in the top nav, a ‘Project Tray’ slides down that you can scroll horizontally and select different projects to view.

In the webflow preview, everything looks and works great. But on the exported site, the thumbnail images for the projects doesn’t display at all. This is only an issue on mobile too. I used inspector in the browser and the height is 0px for some weird reason. This only happens on certain projects.

I think it has something to do with the interaction i’m applying somehow to bring the tray down into the viewport, as when i’m previewing the interaction to bring the tray down, that’s the only time inside webflow it shows the issue.

I’m at my wits end and really end to wrap this update up this week, any help hugely appreciated!!

Your images have no set dimensions in CSS, so it’s up to the browsers to decide what to do with them.
Select the image and set width:100%, it should fix it.

Ah yes thank you!! – Width alone didn’t work but the sentiment was right, I just set both width and height and it worked great. Thank you!

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