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Images kept automatically sizing down, How can I stop?

Hi guys,
I’m really not sure what can I do with this problem, I have uploaded images to webflow and published but every image I uploaded would automatically size it down.
I understand that a large image will not be ideal to run the website smoothly, but even when I uploaded the image in 800px it would automatically size it down somewhere around 500px width.

Like I uploaded the image as 2000px it would size it down to 1500pxm, then I sized the image from 2000px to 1500px from my end then uploaded the 1500px image, then webflow automatically size it down from 1500px to 1200px, so no matter what size I uploaded would always get sized down which thus the images look pixelated.

Can anyone please help here? I have been trying out for hours but no luck at all…
Thank you all in advance.

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