URGENT: Live site thumbnails tiny, but designer looks fine

My site was fine yesterday, and today my agency’s home page portfolio grid is showing all but one thumbnail tiny. Site looks fine in designer (!). Tried to revert to last night’s backup but same thing: looks fine in designer, live site is screwed up. This is really not good - can anyone help?

Is there something wrong on the webflow side?

I need to get this fixed FAST.

(Latest Chrome and Safari on latest bigSur mac)

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @LGN_Steve, thanks for your post.

I took a look but am getting different results:

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If the issue persists, I might set your image to be 100% width and min-width 100% since the image size is set to Auto at the moment.

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I hope this helps, after changes I would republish and check again.

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I just fixed it (I think) - the collection list class was just showing as “Collection list”, and I KNEW that I had that as it’s own class, searched for “Projects grid home” - applied that, now it’s fine. For one, how did that happen? I did a cleanup of unused classes last night and wonder if that did it. If so that really sucks. Also really bad that I was seeing it fine in designer, but the live site was borked. Making me spooked about webflow, frankly.

I added those values just in case, thanks.

Hi @LGN_Steve, if you cleaned up a bunch of classes, it might be the style was not used, or some class did not fully save or maybe it had something to do with a copy and paste, it is hard to say without more info, but here are some steps that may help:

As the Designer of a site project and making Design changes, it is often helpful to first try the following steps:

– Try to reproduce the behavior while using Webflow in Incognito mode/Private window mode with browser extensions turned off. Webflow is a browser based application and browser extensions can sometimes cause saving issues.

– If the problem persists, please take a screenshot of your Browser Error Console reply to this email and include that screenshot for our team. A good screenshot tool that Webflow uses is Cloudapp.

– It may be helpful to disable the browser cache so that updated files are always downloaded instead of pulling old content from browser cache.

Only Google Chrome or Apple Safari browser works for the designer, so one thing is to try another browser to see if that helps to isolate the issue root cause in case it happens again.

Thanks for this, appreciated. Question though, you mentioned above about inputting 100% values as opposed to auto - is there an overarching rule about this I should know about? Is “auto” bad in this respect? Should I watch out for when “auto” is auto applied and I should be using 100% H and W values as a rule of thumb? The scary thing about this last bug is that it was happening without my seeing it in the designer, and the site had been running great in the week since I launched.

Hi @LGN_Steve, if you set the image width to auto, the image will in most cases be ok, but it is possible for the image to shrink if the flexbox child basis allows for auto shrink.

Setting the image width to 100% or min width to 100% forces the image to be 100% of the width of the parent element.

The preview is just that, a preview of the site as published, but other things on the published site such as more space in the browser (when the designer UI elements are not loaded), custom code, browser rendering bugs etc can affect the published site.

I hope this helps