Need help with content spilling out of div-block

Hello everyone! Was trying to recreate this website (, but got stuck on second section. In tablet view text on the right is spilling out of a div-block, and I can’t find out why. Could someone please help find where did I go wrong with this section?
P.S.: don’t kick me too much, I’m just a noobie in webdesign:)

Here is my site Read-Only:

If I am understanding you correctly, the image isn’t really ‘spilling out’ of the div, you are simply seeing just the far right portion of the image that will fit at full ‘cover’ height. You currently have the image ‘anchored’ in the upper right corner, so that is its starting reference point and the reason why you only see the far right portion. I would do the following:

  • Click Story1 Right to make it active
  • Go into the banner.jpg background image
  • Under Position Presets, click the middle square to deactivate the anchor point
  • Under Position Adjust, drag left or right until you see what you want for the tablet view
  • The other views should remain as they were

Apologies if this is not what you are asking or looking for. That worked when I tried it…good luck!

Thanks for the answer, but the problem is not with image. The text in Text Div on the right is overflowing when I test the responsiveness in tablet view.
Here’s a screenshot:

Looks like you got it to work? Here is what I see…