Image Upload error in CMS Collections?

I have been working on on of my personal websites where I have created a Team Member Collection. In this collection I have created 3 inputs for social media links and 3 image fields for their associated icon.

So I’m testing out my profile and my business partner’s profile… I have three links and he has 1.

HOWEVER, I worked backwards from 3 to 1 just 'cuz, I entered the three social links I want to share and I entered the three icons… well until I got to 1… for some reason it has been hung up on uploading the 601 B image… Did I hit a limit or is there another issue I’m dealing with?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @Jeff_Biggs

Save your cms item and save the project. Then refresh your browser to refresh the designer. That should allow you to upload into the CMS again.

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I’m having issues uploading images anywhere in the Designer. I wonder if they’re having an issue on Webflow’s end.

Could be on Webflow’s end. Have you tried logging out of Webflow, clearing your browser cache, and logging back in?

Thank you all for your quick responses… The solution here was to save, close, clear cache, & refresh…

That worked fine and enabled me to upload the image… I think that it didn’t help that I also had Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Messenger, Email, Calendar, Phone, Pages, and Numbers open all with multiple files active…

But none-the-less… Matt your solution worked.


Yeah, saved and did a hard refresh over here and it seems that everything has cleared up here, as well.

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I lied. Still can’t upload to the asset manager. Going to create a new thread.

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I had that issue once back… as for saving to asset manager.

One thing to check is to make sure your image isn’t real big. when I buy an image to use in a site it normally is 300dpi and like 7000+ px wide… This won’t load.

So I will then save it down in Photoshop…

Simply open image in Photoshop (if you have it)
hit Command + option + I. CTRL + Option + I on a PC

then check and see if the resolution is 72 DPI if not change it may any other size changes and SAVE AS… ALWAYS SAVE AS this way you have the original for later use… ie print or changing in some way.

I hope this helps.

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