Images Shrink for no reason

Hi…I’ve seen other posts on this, with no solution over the past few years. Does anyone know how to prevent my images from shrinking for no reason.

I’ve tried lots of things. But maybe I haven’t found the right combo. I’ve adjusted min width, max width, max height to both portfolio-images-row and Portfolio_row-image-tall classes

The top screenshot shows the size the first image should be. The bottom screenshot shows how it looks when it suddenly shrinks, even when I haven’t changed anything but just touched the screen…

I hope someone can finally figure out a solution for this issue.
Thanks so much.— Jami

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]

I’m not sure if this work-around will hold, but I swapped out the jpg images for pngs…

Hi @TangledWeb,

I’ve seen this issue before when the image doesn’t have any dimensions set - usually resizing the image using a service like Photoshop or TinyPNG can help establish dimensions and you can reupload.

You could also try setting the flex-bases to grow like so to see if it helps:

If you’re still having issues with the pngs, please let me know!

Hi mww. Thanks.

Context: The original image was created in indesign, and exported as a jpg. I then opened that image in Photoshop and saved as PNG.

To clarify, you are saying by saving in photoshop, it automatically set dimensions?
Or do I need to set them somehow in Webflow.
Could I have resaved the jpg as a copy in photoshop to get the dimensions set?
Thanks in advance!