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Image resize help

I am about to launch a web application with a friend and have been responsible for all of the design work, though my background is not actually in design.

The question I’m about to ask will be extremely easy to answer I suspect, so please bare with me.

There is an image i’m trying to use for a section on my landing page, but I can’t get it to display correctly in the desktop view (i.e >991px). I have set the width of the container to 1440px and then resized my image to a width of 1440px.

However, whenever I set the background it comes out only covering a portion of the container. When I use the “cover” feature it blows the picture up too large and when I use the “container” feature the picture doesn’t fit the appropriate width.

The original image has a width of 2715 so I know its large enough to fit the area appropriately.

You can see the image by going to the site ( it’s the bottom picture.

Thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I can’t see the problem.

It looks like a typical background image and responds to a change in the browser size. This is intended behavior.

May you please maybe share some screenshots of the problem you are experiencing?

As well as your read only link would help a lot in solving your problem.

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