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Sections not expanding to size of background image

I created a new site. Added a section. Dropped in a 1600x500 gradient image as a background. The section only appears as a 100px height. I can manually adjust the section height but that doesn’t look good on responsive. I tried auto and 100% and everything. Nothing works.

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Your link doesn´t seem to work… What are you trying to accomplish? Should the section scale to the 500px background? Or does it need to cover the view of the browser? AFAIK the background option will never scale a DIV (at least not without some custom code). The DIV will only scale if you drop the image, as an image, in the DIV. If you are trying to cover the entire height of the view, try setting the height to 100HV. Is this what you meant?

Alas, it’s for a client website who does not want me to share logos or
branding publicly.

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