Image Gallery- Multi Image Field not showing

I’m trying to build an image gallery from a CMS list. In the CMS is a thumbnail single image field (named Thumbnail), a multi image field for the supporting images (name Lightbox Images) and a Sketchfab link (name 3D Link). I can get the CMS list to display the filtered list of projects and can populate each list item with the thumbnail via an image and also a light box. When I try to define the light box media, it will not show the multi image field called (Lightbox Images), it only shows the Thumbnail field and 3D Link field from the CMS list. I would like the media to be the Lightbox Images.

What would prevent the multi image field (named Lightbox Images) from showing up in the Select Media drop down?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Lamar Graphics

You need to add another collection list within collection list and place lightbox in the inner collection and connect.

Thank you Haji! That’s what I was missing.

I got the other images to show in the lightbox as planned. Unfortunately, they will either come up one at a time or when I link/group them, they all projects come up at one. The perfect solution would be for the Link Group to just include media from the same CMS item. I guess show all of them is better than showing one at a time. This will still work for displaying them.