Image failed to upload

I have tried numerious times now to upload an image and all i get is the filename error issue.

It simply does not matter what image i upload on any browser what so ever. Nothing will upload.

Is their a way around this that doesnt already involve " clearing metadata" “renaming file,remaking the image” “turning extentions off and also using incognito” i have also checked file size and of course the file name.

This seems like an issue only on webflows end, if so how can this be mitigated so that i can continue to use webflow.

Other things you can try and test are:

  • upload it to another service like and see if that works
  • re-export your image
  • upload your image here on this thread

I have done that and it worked, uploading here works also. Its the webflow side that seems to have an issue

Does anyone have any solution as to why it will not allow me to upload any images what so ever ?