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I'm working a new integration: Flow Phantom - Build upsells in Webflow. I would love to get your feedback!

Hey everyone :wave:,

I would love some feedback on a new integration that I’m working on!

Flow Phantom is an integration that allows you to build highly customizable upsells in Webflow e-commerce sites. Upsells can greatly increase revenue, but until now, implementing them in a Webflow store was difficult. Previously, your options were to write custom code or redirect to a third party service, where you could no longer use the Webflow Designer. With Storeflow, you can now utilize the Webflow Designer to create stunning upsells that seamlessly display in the native Webflow checkout. The upsells are post purchase, one-click, and based on the items in the shopper’s cart to maximize conversion and create a positive brand experience.

Check it out at Flow Phantom
Thanks :pray:

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Super cool. Would love to see the way you’re doing this explained on the website or a ‘behind the scenes’ video showing the steps after you join :slight_smile:

Great idea! Thanks for the feedback!

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This sounds great. Requested access!

Awesome! I look forward to chatting!