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iFrame Embed of AWS

Hi everyone,

Got an issue with some slight urgency here. Bit of context, my friend has built an algorithm that detects the most talked about stocks on Reddit and Twitter. We’ve decided to make a website around this with a dashboard. He’s set up his dashboard through AWS and I’ve built the website. We’re planning on iframing his dashboard (AWS) to the website (Webflow obviously). I’ve looked at some ways to do this and believe I’m doing it correctly.

Unfortunately, I can’t provide a share link as he wants to keep it secret for the time being and gate it to his newsletter subscribers.

Example of the code I found and what I mean:

What I think is going wrong is that the AWS link is http, whereas Webflow is HTTPS so is perhaps not loading it for that reason? Is this correct?



Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

That would be a big reason since a browser would not load the insecure content.

Hi @webdev - this turned out to be the issue. Thanks so much, we’ve got it working now!