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Iframe help needed

Hi guys,

I am trying to embed a form onto a page using an iframe. I am using the HTML embed component.

I am trying to recreate the iframe on this page:

So in the HTML embed I have made two iframes. The top one is my one. The bottom one is the iframe code I have taken from the page above I am trying to recreate (quotegoat).

On preview mode, ] the bottom form is rendering and the top one isn’t. On the live page, neither are rendering (across Chrome, Safari and Firefox).

Can anybody help please? I’ve been try different things for ages but find myself stuck.

This is on the quote collection page.
Live page:
Share link:

Thanks in advance,


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Hi @jmw ,

Transpires I do require an iframe after all! The client has mislead me on that one so my apologies.

I’ve made an attempt above, and there’s an example page (quotegoat) where it does work.

The form is the same but the link is slightly different as it has affiliates codes involved but wouldn’t of thought this is the problem.

Would you be kind enough to take a look and advise? I’m pretty stuck.


Hey @roblewi5 — I’m a little confused. This page ( is rendering the form for me in both Chrome and Safari. Takes a moment to load, but it’s there.

Am I missing something?

Hi @jmw,

My apologies i should of returned to the ticket to mark it resolved. There was two things that took me ages to work out…

  1. i had some custon code above the footer left over from the last time i resolved the issue when it was just HTML (not an iframe) so i removed that
  2. the link was http:// but as i have set up SSL for the site it wasn’t rendering the unsecure iframe inside the https:// page. So adding an ‘s’ the the http:// link that the client supllied made it work.

Took me quite a bit of effort and frustration before i realised this.

Thanks again for taking time to look and sorry i wasted your time this time, my bad!



No worries, man! Glad you figured it out :slight_smile:

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Hi jmw - I am trying to add an iframe to my webflow site and it’s not showing. Can you load an external http iframe on an https webflow site?

It should work. Mind sharing your read-only link so we can inspect?