What do you answer to clients who wonder if Webflow will still be there in 2 years?

What do you answer to clients who wonder if Webflow will still be there in 2 years?

Almost every time the question comes up and when it’s a static wwbsite it’s pretty easy to answer since i can simply export the code and host it somewhere happens and Webflow dissappears for whatever reason but how do i convince a client to go the Webflow way when they need a CMS? I mean, don’t get me wrong i’m not doubting Webflow but i got to admit that’s pretty unknow for most of the people so it comes uo about every time and sometimes i can’t just say “trust me, it won’t dissappear” since as a matter of fact, i don’t really know that. Any thoughts?

##We’re not going anywhere! :slight_smile:

(Maybe there was a risk of that a few years ago, when we were just getting started.)

###Today, it’s not something you should worry about:

  • We have strong support from our investors, and we have significantly more than 5 years of cash runway in the bank at current hiring and expense levels

  • We’re cash-flow positive and only hire new staff once we sign up more customers, so our finance fundamentals are really strong, which means the more clients you set up on Webflow, the more we can hire to make the product better :wink:

  • We have no plans to sell the company (we’ve only built like 5% of our ultimate vision, so there’s much more fun and challenging work ahead!) - and even if we ever consider it, we wouldn’t sell to anyone without a very clear transition plan as well as ample warning to everyone

###In a nutshell, you can tell them:

  • It’s a stable service and platform, with a financially strong company behind it - and it’s only going to get better from here!

  • 10,000s of thousands of businesses (some of them in the Fortune 500) now rely on Webflow, so you’re in good company

  • The founders and the entire team are not out to make a quick buck, but are looking to build an enduring company

  • There’s an API that can be used to export CMS content to move it to another CMS if you needed to today (and we’ll be working on tools to export data via our UI in the future as well)

Hope that helps!


Wow magnificent answer and very glad to hear it since i’m pretty much in love with Webflow since the beginning.


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