Host a Webflow Site elsewhere without a site plan


My client would like to host his website through Bluehost. However, I would like to know if this would be possible without purchasing a site plan or having the plan for just 1 month to give me the time to collect the information needed to host it elsewhere.

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You need a basic account plan to be able to export code. If you have that then you can just export the site and host it where ever you like.


Thank you! Just to make clarify, would I have to keep the basic plan after I’m done exporting the code?

You can stop the plan whenever you like but…
If you are building the site for a client, you may need to do edits/updates at some stage. (Even if the client says they wont they often do!) You may be able to do basic edits by directly editing the HTML but you most likely will have to get back into Webflow to do it. In this case you will need a lite plan. This will allow to keep 10 projects so you can edit and re-export if you ever need to. Once you stop your plan you’ll lose and saved projects.