Icons Collection Service


I am trying to build a collection of icons that i can be downloaded, free or paid monthly subscriptions.I am super confused about the architecture of the site and how to get the process going. My main confusions are:

1 - How can i filter the icons on the right side when i select a category on the left hand side?
2 - I have created a CMS collection of icons. Is that the right way or should i just create some grids?
3 - How can i easily work on the backend as i have limited knowledge on javascript and backend programming.

Some advice would be much appreciated.


For filtering you can refer to this page: Filter Collection lists | Webflow University
You can set up tabs and each tab content would contain a CMS collection with a filter on it for a Webflow only quick and easy method.

As for the downloading paid icons or free you would need to find some custom code or you could jsut include a link to the file.

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Thanks for the help. I will let you know how it goes.