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Collection Lists: Building Latest News Section and Section category and sub category headline collection pages that then link out to the blog posts

Hello Webflowers,
I am relatively new to webflow and webdesign, but have been working on a site through webflow since November. I am almost finished I believe. This is the first time I post on this site. I have worked out everything basically on my own. I know there are a few tweeks left besides the problem i am writing about.

What i want is for each of the sections that has multiple icons, I want the big Icon(which is the section root to all the multiple subcategories) to link out to a landing page with the latest news from that whole section in headlines(with image and summary), and each individual subcategory will go out to it’s own landing page doing the same as the main section. If you take the first section that will fuction like this, the Zulu International Community News Service on one side is the category of all in that section, and then 6 smaller sub icons. The Zulu News will be the one linking to a page of headlines across the diverse section, but will never have more than 6 headlines. I dont want this to be an exhaustive page, since this all on the subcategories. Then all the others will link to its own headline page. Then obviously the next step would be a actual blog post. I would like to do this with every similar section.

And 2) I want The Latest News section to pull the latest news from all categories, and obviously, not all sections will show, but the top 4 to 8 tops I would say. Never more than that. I would like it to automatically update the newest posts. And it does not matter which sections they come from.

But, I have tried everything. I have watched every collection list video, and google and youtube searched around it, going on 2 weeks now for this problem. As you can see with the viewer to my page, I have something in the direction i want it to be in the Latest news section. But im starting to get at wits end. I made collection lists a few different ones. The first list I made, was titled the zulu news, and I added elements from the different subcategories. But when I am on the main page trying to work on that section. It seems as though nothing is there. I then created lists for each subsection, which i needed to do anyways for the blog posts, And thought i would just do one collection list for each subsection, having only those switched to featured would go to the home page.

But It has provided images and colors a few times, but never any of the text from the posts i was am working with.

I hope someone understands this. I feel like there is just something that im missing that is right in front of me probably, but just not seeing it. But Im ready to finish this project.
Any help would be very much appreciated.

Here is my public share link: Webflow -