I want to hire a consultant

Hello! I have used webflow a few times to create simple sites, so I’m “somewhat” familiar with it, but still very much a “noob”.

I’m working on a site for the company I work for and will be able, for the most part, to get it to look on my computer they way I want it - all content in place, etc. etc. However, I’m not good at this enough to make it look right on all devices and I know almost nothing about the “backend” - what changes make it load fast, CMS and all that stuff.

So what I want to do is hire a consultant to take what I build - knowing all the content and layout is there and then go through it and make it “right”.

Any takers?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @ssrobinson

I’d love to help you out, i’ve been using webflow for a bit over a year now and would call myself quite experienced with using it. Feel free to email me at bailey@blackpeak.ca

My website is:

Some of my past projects include:


I would be interested in helping you.

Sending you a private message.

Teresa :slight_smile:

What is your hourly rate?