I want to delete a website I'm no longer using but I can't find the delete button, only archive

Hi, I’m a noob here and I’m using the free account and I mistakenly created two websites to do the same thing, so I’m trying to delete one of them. in the tree dots in the lower right there’s no delete option, only archive. Since I’m using the free option I can only have two sites, so space is at a premium. I want to give it a go, and then get a subscription.

Thanks in advance for your help.

@Emilio_Alvarez - They changed things to probably ease the burden on support from restoring deleted sites. . So now you archive the site, then contact support to have that archived site deleted if that is what you want.

Take some time to assess whether you truly need to keep the archived website. If you’re sure you won’t need it in the future, you can leave it archived. However, if you realize you still need it or parts of it, you can always unarchive it later.